"Corner Main and Second during the Quay County Fair - Trades' Display Parade"
The Tucumcari News and Tucumcari Times 
October 26, 1907
October 22, 1920
Carrizozo Outlook
"Hail To Our Distinguished Guests"

The Hon. Merritt C. Mechem, Republican candidate for Governor, and Senator A. H. Fall (R-NM) visited Carrizozo to give campaign speeches at a standing room only event at the Crystal Theater.  Judge Mechem addressed charges made against him by the editor of the Albuquerque Journal.  Senator Fall vowed to resign if the Congress voted to join the League of Nations as proposed by President Wilson.

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in the Albuquerque Evening Herald:

"Physicians Hold Out Every Hope For Roosevelt's Recovery"
Teddy Roosevelt recuperates after being shot in Milwaukee, WI.

"Diaz Nephew Leads New Revolt In Mexico"
Breaking news from the Mexican Revolution.

"Fans Congregate To Hear Herald Bulletins On Last Game"
Albuquerque baseball fans gathered outside the Evening Herald office building to receive live updates on the final game of the World Series.


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